Hand Crafted Planner Accessories 

The dream is finally a reality--we'll be open just in time for International Women's Day, 3/8/2021.


We wanted to celebrate this occasion with our first collection focused on busy bosses. We know times are tough, but women around the world are getting things done! 

This collection features small batch, handmade & curated goods, that will help you stay organized as you plan and get ready to conquer your day.


the tous les jour

Our signature, everyday pouch. The Tous Les Jour is a simple design that will bring easy organization into your life. While created to be the prefect planner companion, this pouch makes a wonderful catch-all for most any bag. 

Crafted from high quality vegan leather, the Tous Les Jour will easily hold your favorite pens and washi, as well as your phone, cards, cash or any other of your daily necessities.

mottainai collection

We are dreaming of a sustainable future. And while we love the fact that vegan leather is cruelty free, it does have an impact on our environment. Because of this, we chose to not be wasteful and use every bit of material.  


Made from the scrapes of larger projects, the Mottainai collection contains smaller accessories that will brighten up your planner or journaling experience while helping efforts to reduce waste. 


About Monnii Bee Creations

Creating has always been a passion of mine. For years I have been creating digital and lifestyle content for others to use in their social medias and shops. I wake up every day loving what I do, but still wanted to create and design products on my own shop one day.

decided in January of 2020 that it would become an official goal of mine to start the process of opening up my own shop mainly focused on planning and organization accessories.

It has been a ride, but one that I'm thankful for! Months of planning , unexpected road blocks and trial and error later, I'm happy to official be having my first launch in March of 2021!

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