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The Georgie Portfolio
Where Luxury Meets Functional Style

Women in business are trading in their over-packed totes for this sleek, sexy new accessory!



Designed for Women in Business

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Why is Everything 


I’m sure you’ve been on TikTok or IG Reels where you see those “Amazon find” videos for business owners. Keyboards, laptop stands, label printers, etc. Personally, I can’t get enough of them, but I’m always left wondering one thing, why is everything pink? 


All I ever see is pink, Tiffany Blue, or white -- and for professional women, that isn’t always the vibe. Not every woman in business wants an uber-feminine workspace. 


Some women prefer neutrals and a more minimalistic, versatile style. Yes, bubbly, fun colors have a place, (obviously, I'm partial to pink) but the Georgie portfolio brings out a sense of class, sophistication, and a luxury style that subtly elevates the woman carrying it. 


It’s the kind of accessory you pair with red bottom heels and a Gucci belt. A piece that can sit on the table with your glass of Sauvignon Blac and will add to the aesthetic. It’s meant to complete your outfit rather than overtake, or worse, clash with it. 


The Georgie portfolio is for the women who are a little more Miranda Priestly than Elle Woods, although, we have a sneaky suspicion she would think it’s fabulous.


3 Reasons to Trade-In Your Handbag


Functional fashion is
more sustainable


Feel organized and put together at all times


Many women report having hip and back problems from carrying heavy totes

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 Minimalism is the New Vibe for Professional Women

As a working mom, I have absolutely fallen into the habit of carrying my whole house in my handbag. Running around town dragging a giant tote that’s falling off my shoulder every five minutes. Always rummaging for a pen, somehow having 20 of them but never being able to find one. There are crumbs in my notebook, my phone has fallen into the abyss, and one time I pulled out my laptop and a tampon fell out… 


Tell me you’ve never been here. 


I was so concerned with being prepared, but my bag was weighing me down (literally). This is why I designed the Georgie portfolio. Big enough to fit an iPad or Macbook Air, phone, notebook, pens, a small wallet, and business cards -- but small enough to easily carry around with you like a clutch. 


It’s designed to exhibit luxury and style, comparable to designer brands like Prada, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. Meant to be the ideal businesswoman’s accessory that’s functional and fashionable. I love carrying it with my more casual looks AND when I’m in boss lady mode in heels and a blazer. 


No more chaotic rummaging, I know exactly what I have with me at all times, and I feel so chic carrying it.

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Let's Talk Shop

The Georgie Portfolio is Every Women's New Work Bestie 

  • Big enough to carry an iPad or Macbook Air.

  • Has pockets for your phone, business cards, pens, and a letter-sized notebook. 

  • Vegan-friendly, made with a high-quality synthetic leather. 

  • Embossed with a croc print. 

  • Closes with a metal snap. 

  • Dimensions: 10.25” x 13.75”


Order by 12/15 to arrive before Christmas

The most versatile, Instagramable portfolio EVER

We love an *aesthetic* and there’s no shame in our Instagram game. For when you want to take a snapshot of your Starbucks work session, the Georgie croc portfolio with your latte and laptop creates a TOTAL vibe.


Or when you’re on a lunch date, your portfolio is the perfect element to make your rosé and salad look like it’s posted on a fashion blogger’s account. It gives me something to do with my hands when I take an OOTD pic, and I love adding it to my flat lay photos because the texture makes ALL the difference. 

Image by AESOP. Wines©
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Order by
December 15th
To Get The
Georgie Portfolio
before Christmas

Image by Michelle
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